Why get quotes online?

  • You can invite quotes from all probable suppliers
  • You get competitive rates, as more suppliers are in the race
  • Easy & convenient

Easy, 3 step process

  • Float RFQ, invite Suppliers
  • Bid submission by Suppliers
  • Evaluate, Negotiate, Award

Procure to Pay (P2) procurement solution

  • Purchase Requisition (PR)

    • Multi location indenting
    • Indent aggregation
    • Spend budgeting
  • Request for Quote (RFQ)

    • Helps you discover price
    • Ideal for low value purchase
    • Saves time, efforts, papers
  • Tender Management/RFP

    • Transparent tendering
    • Fool proof tendering system
    • Complies to global guidelines
  • Supplier Portal

    • Tender/RFP listing platform
    • Gets you more suppliers
    • Supplier enlistment tool
  • Reverse Auction

    • Transparent process
    • Automates negotiation
    • Ensures savings
  • Contract Management (CMS)

    • Real time contract status
    • Ensures timely completion
    • Totally automated process
  • Integrated Payment Gateway

    • Registration/Document fee
    • Supplier receipts – BG, EMD
    • Supplier Payments
  • Forward Auction

    • Helps you with disposals
    • Automates auction process
    • Ensure higher revenues
  • Procurement Services

    • Spend analysis
    • Procurement consulting
    • Integration with ERP

Key modules

"My personal experience with RFQ has been immensely satisfying. It has helped me not only achieve great saving but also cuts down my efforts, communication time, paper & stationery. Moreover my entire "C" category spend has now become more transparent & completely auditable."

Key Lessons

  • Ideal for purchase where PO value is less than 10K US$
  • A great price sighting tool to discover the starting price for auctions
  • Highest bid rejection logic (optional) forces competition

Guaranteed, foolproof security

We have enabled a single auction worth US$ 10 Billion for the sale of spectrum. There is nothing that can beat our security. It's foolproof.
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Quality Certificates

World class services backed by our commitment to quality.
  • ISO 9001 / 27001 certified company
  • STQC Certified Product
  • Audited by approved auditors
  • SEI CMM Level 3


When it comes to procurement, rest assured we go by the books.
  • MDB procurement guidelines
  • World Bank procurement guidelines
  • Information Technology Act, 2000 guidelines
  • STQC, Indian certified product
  • Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), India
  • Public Works Department (PWD), policies

Biz Model

If you can do it on your own, you can use our solution for free.
  • DIY Model
  • SAAS (Pay/transaction)
  • Software License
  • Procurement Outsourcing
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About us

  • Formed in 2006, 10th year in service now
  • Focused - offering complete procurement solutions
  • Aiming to be US$ 200 Million Co. By 2025
  • Trusted by ten thousands of suppliers & buyers
  • Powered by team of 500+ employees & partners
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